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Exciting and captivating book….
An incredibly good book which gave me a good insight into the issues of life at that time…and of the difficult choices of life, love, and dilemmas…I was fully captured by the story and had a hard time putting the book away. (Karina)

I was completely captivated by the book and its way of describing the issues that the book's main characters get into…. Absolutely amazing book. (Elinore)

The book manages to illuminate the different and interesting aspects of life
during WWII… It observes life through the so-called terrain-mattresses' eyes and focuses also on homosexuality. I had a hard time putting the book down. ( Louise J.)

Left Behind is an easy book to approach, simple language and straight
forward. Marianne Toxboe manages to get her characters to appear human even the ones of the more unsympathetic type. (Ulla W).

Concurrently to Maia's life and strive, and the childhood of her adopted
daughter, there are accurate depictions of the Niemann Family. The family scenes are spot on. The many scenes stand out with life. Excellent reading. (Elinore H.)

I felt entertained by the book and can only recommend it. (Anna H)

It is an exciting read. In addition to following the exciting story of two worlds, you are deeply touched by the description of the civil Germans' poverty during and after WWII. The separate galleries of characters find a natural and lovely way of connecting in the end. (Bente R.)

Amazing book!
Footprints depicts a lovely family story and at the same time provides a nice historical insight into the post war era. Highly recommended. (Louise J).

An amazing end to the trilogy. I give the book five stars. (Nanna K )

A page turner! And hopefully also an eye opener concerning the very
extensive consequences of child abuse. A captivating book which is also a thriller. - (Grethe E)

An amazingly well-written and good book. The kind of book that is hard to put down. A lovely mix of social realism and fiction with a lot of twists along the way… (Hanne H)

An exciting story of social realism. ( ♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎ Cats, books and coffee)

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